Last month at the King of Coolum Thundercats race there was an emergency situation whereby 2 boats collided together at high speed.

A man was knocked unconscious He was filling up with water and he was laying there, looking lifeless, with his mate trying to help him," said one of the spectators.

On lookers praised the efforts of the race organising committee who immediately deployed surf-lifesaving rescuers and first-aid teams.

"The passenger of the boat yelled out for help and people have just come running from everywhere" said one of the spectators

As usual with these type of emergency situations - most of the people on the beach had run to offer help. 

"They're a pretty close, tight-knit kind of group," one person.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson confirmed that 2 men were taken to Nambour General Hospital with minor injuries

One of the men was 35 and had been treated for spinal injuries as a precaution, she said. The age of the second man was unknown.

Brisbane Coast Thundercats president and race director John Kerrisk said the race had been called to a halt for half-an-hour.

"There was a bit of a mishap but everyone's good," he said. "We've got safety procedures in place."

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