I was watching the Australian Rugby Test last Saturday with a friend and he asked me to explain the rules of Rugby to him. I thought about the question as the answer would have to be very technical in nature, so instead of a very technical answer, I said that öne guy picks the ball up and runs until someone stops him and they start again. A simple explanation for a complicated set of rules.

Have you ever experienced being on the receiving end of an overload of information? We’ve all sat through times when someone is explaining in great detail about something that isn’t overly important anyway.

Old school First Aid Trainers can often find themselves doing this by trying to make a technical explanation when maybe it may not necessarily required.

When we deliver our Sunshine Coast First Aid courses we do not burden students with an excessive amount of unnecessary details and technical data when teaching Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

There is a fine line between what the student needs to know in order to successfully practice and then perform CPR. We have viewed many trainers over the years from other First Aid companies that are being given too much material that in turn becomes a hindrance to their training. Going into overly large amounts of detail can confuse or scare a student, sometimes to the point where they cannot perform in an emergency for fear of not being technically correct in their provision of CPR to a casualty.

One of our main philosophies with Allens First Aid is Keeping it Simple.

We believe the best way to train CPR to students is to keep it simple. The more technical the training the less likely that they are going to be confident about assisting in an emergency. When training focus less on technical perfection and more on having the student be able to assist a casualty with confidence that they are able to help save a life just by starting and continuing with basic CPR

At Allens First Aid we keep it simple with straight forward language and lots of encouragement. We find this works best and empowers the students to have a go and pick up that ball and save a life


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