Imagine taking advantage of one of the many Sunshine Coast bushwalks. Perhaps walking through Kondillila National Park, Glasshouse Mountains National Park or even at Noosa National Park.
Whilst these bush walks are popular and usually frequented by many adventure seekers, what if a situation does occur, perhaps you wander off the trails or tracks an injury or slip may occur.

Recently we went on a bush trail on a Sunday afternoon, my partner slipped on a greasy rock ledge near a creek crossing and landed in  small but deep and slimy rock pool. Messy I know.

In the process, my Partner dislocated their left shoulder, bringing agonising pain, and came slowly to the discovery that they were trapped in the pool, thanks to a useless left hand, a hampered right hand that had only a slippery rock surface to grasp feebly at, and feet that couldn’t reach the pool bottom.

As luck would have it I was there to assist and help their recovery.... but what if I wasn't?

Imagine if you were by yourself -with no one to help. Nor was anyone likely to appear on the track, 6km or so from civilisation, as the sun was slowing descending.

What would go through your mind.... thoughts like  — “you have maybe an hour or so of daylight to find a way of getting out of this thing, or you may spend the night in this pool — which, trust me, is something you will not want to experience.”

Where do you turn to- Thank goodness for technology

We have a mobile app on our phone that takes advantage of GPS satellites and is able to accurately location the exact latitude and longitude of our position and contact Triple Zero

The app is called Emergency + and is available free on Google Play store for Android users and on Apple's App Store for iPhone and iPad users.

The app not only establishes your precise location, but also shows the position on a map, and provides links to Triple Zero, state emergency services and police.

The free app was launched by Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year, but received little publicity at the time

Here is another example of someone who has recently used the app


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