All employers should make an assessment of their first aid needs based on the hazards and risks associated with their Sunshine Coast Workplace. First Aid can and does save lives and your level of provision should be adequate and appropriate to your workplace situation. A few points to consider when determining the level of First Aid Trained and certified employees may include

  • the nature and type of workplace (office environment vs. outdoors environment)
  • the makeup of your workforce (age, demographics)
  • if you have employees with any known or pre-existing medical conditions
  • the number of employees working within your workplace
  • is your workplace open to the public
  • the operational hours of your business
As an employer you need to show due diligence and your first aid trainers have received the necessary training and skills to ensure they feel confident that they would respond to an emergency.

To guarantee this you should select a training provider you can trust and check

  • Are they are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) who is accredited to deliver the latest First Aid Course?
  • Do their trainers demonstrate a high level of knowledge and the ability to share this First Aid information in a clear practical manner?
  • Is their First Aid Training just another course they run or do they specialise in the field?
  • Are they chalk and talk... or do they deliver real practical scenarios to ensure your employees are engaged and confident to deliver in case of emergency?
  • Does the Training provider care enough to follow up with the training delivered, receive your feedback to ensure your complete satisfaction
  • Does your Training provider send you reminders of when your employees renewals are due
As an experienced RTO delivering to over 120,000 students every year. You can be confident to ensure Allens Training tick all the boxes

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