The name Senior First Aid certificate is what a lot of people refer to when they talk about completing a first aid course.

If you have completed your Senior First Aid course it is recognised that you have the basic skills and knowledge to assist people if an injury or emergency does occur.

However the term "Senior First Aid" is actually old terminology for the current First Aid Course.

In fact the last time it was officially called Senior First Aid was way back in 2008.

Today's Senior First Aid course  was replaced in 2008 by Apply First Aid and in 2014 the Industry Skills Council updated the name to Provide First Aid.

In demonstrating the updates to Senior First Aid the unit of competency code has changed from HLTFA301B Apply First Aid, HLTFA301C to HLTFA311A

The Industry Skills Council the body integral to the development and implementation of this unit of competency have listened to feedback and consulted with various bodies have, over time, moved forward with improvements to the competencies.

Some of the changes to the original Senior First Aid back in 2008 include

  • Adding "S" to the DRSABCD- when making an assessment of the situation. The "S" refers to "Send for Help
  • In 2008 there were no time requirements for demonstrating CPR. In today's course students are required to demonstrate 2 minutes of CPR
  • Today's CPR is now required to be demonstrated on an adult and infant manikin

So if you are looking for a Senior First Aid Course on the Sunshine Coast, then you can be confident that today's course, Provide First Aid delivered by Allens Training will give you the current qualifications required from workplace and employment situations. 

You can find out more about today's Senior First Aid Course


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