What is the best way to treat a nose bleed?  Do you lean the person forward and apply pressure below the bridge?  Do you use ice? What if the nose bleed continues?

There are several reasons a nose may bleed on frequent occasions: 

  • It can be as a result of a thin membrane contained within the nose and if so, this needs medical intervention
  • It may also be due to insufficient pressure being applied by the first aider to the nose
  • It may be that sufficient pressure is being applied by the first aider but not for long enough to ensure the clotting process is complete

The current ARC Guidelines recommend the following treatment for a nose bleed:

  • Pressure must be applies over the soft part of the nostrils, below the bridge of the nose
  • Casualty should lean forward to avoid blood flowing down the throat
  • Casualty should remain seated for at least 10 minutes, on a hot day at least 20 minutes may be required
  • If bleeding continues for more than 20 minutes medical assistance should be sought

As you can see the ARC no longer have the use of ice as a method for treatment in the Guidelines. 

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