On the Sunshine Coast, there are multiple business environments which need to be considered when ensuring you have followed your Work Health and Safety obligations. Especially if there is an emergency and first aid is required.

1. My business has multiple sites on the Sunshine Coast or throughout Australia

Immediate first aid treatment can be vital in reducing the effects of an injury or illness. In some cases, for example, treating a sudden cardiac arrest, time can be the difference between life and death. With this in mind, you should consider how quickly a first aider can cover the distance between buildings and if it is more appropriate to provide additional cover in each building. As mentioned in our previous blog some business may have varying levels of hazards or risks, for example, a site office or construction site and in this case you should complete a needs assessment for each considering the hazards are in each area.

2. Remote workers

If you employ staff that work in a remote location, you should consider their first aid needs. You may also need to provide additional training or provide staff with a first aid kit. If you have colleagues that work alone, you should also consider their welfare and provide a means of requesting help should an emergency occur such as a mobile phone. Where the site is remote from emergency services you should inform emergency services in writing of this location and any particular hazards that may be present.

3. Mobile workers

Employers are responsible for meeting the first aid needs of staff who work away from the main site. For example those who travel as part of their work, sales people are a good example. You may consider providing additional training or a first aid kit for their vehicle.

4. First Aid for members of the Public

First aid regulations only relate to providing care for employees. However, many business such as local shops, cafes and restaurants or hotels that deal with members of the public are recommended to consider their needs assessment

5. Self-employed workers

If you are self-employed and work in a low hazard environment such as your home, you do not need to provide first aid beyond your normal means. However, if you are a self-employed as a contractor and work on a site with other self-employed people you are each responsible for making your own first aid arrangements. You may wish to appoint one person as the nominated first aider as long as all information relating to hazards and medical conditions of the workers is shared and easily accessible to the first aider

6. Shift and out of hours workers

It is essential to provide adequate first aid cover at all times people are in work. Separate arrangements need to be made for each shift if required. You may also wish to train additional workers in first aid training to cover for employee absence, turnover and holiday periods.

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